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GRASSHOPR - Graduate Student School Outreach Program

In March 2016, Mr. Gavurnik’s social studies classes hosted two graduate fellows, Jennifer Carrington and Micaela Carignano from Cornell University’s Graduate Student School Outreach Program (GRASSHOPR).  Ms. Carignano and Ms. Carrington, whose field of study is Classical Archeology, visited Mr. Gavurnik’s classroom over a period of three weeks.

During their visits, Ms. Carignano and Ms. Carrington introduced the students to the concept of archaeology and learning about the past from material objects.  Throughout their lessons, students learned how to determine chronology of Greek pottery styles through seriation process and how to establish a timeline of an archaeological site through stratigraphy. In the last session, students learned how to examine material evidence from the actual archeological sites and use them to answer real world archaeological questions about the ancient Greek life and culture.  

Mr. Gavurnik and his students would like to extend their thanks Ms. Carignano and Ms. Carrington as well as to the entire Grasshopr Program for their community outreach initiative and for expanding students’ academic interests.  





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