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Newfield Central School District will say goodbye and wish a happy retirement to two long-time teachers in February -- Mrs. Barbara Peck and Mr. William McClure.

Mrs. Barbara Peck started working in special education at Newfield in the early 80's as a TST BOCES employee. The District knew a good thing when they saw it, and hired her directly in 1983. Since then she's taught at several grade levels and worked with a variety of elementary teachers and administrators.  She's attended approximately 360 faculty meetings, who knows how many CSE meetings, staff development days, parent teacher conferences and trainings. She has packed and unpacked, moving to different classrooms within the building. Somehow Barb did it all! She is a talented lady who taught everyday with a smile on her face, a never ending willingness to collaborate and problem solve, share a good joke or readily share her vast warehouse of personal teaching materials! Barb is a special educator, no doubt about it!

Mr. Bill McClure came to Newfield in 1986 from the Rochester area. A physical education teacher, he has also served as the Athletic Director and coached Varsity Football and Track during his career.  Active in the teachers' association, Bill has been both an advocate and a role model for his colleagues.  Always a proponent of fitness, Mr. McClure encouraged a generation of students (not just athletes, but ALL students) to be active and to maintain healthy lifestyles.

How long has the district benefitted from these two educators' professional talents? Well, they were here before Xerox copiers or personal computers came into popular use. They were here before the middle school, the wooden playground or the community pool even existed!  They can tell you about when the tennis courts were right in the middle of the parking lot, the schoolhouse was still on Kelloggs Corners Road and the outdoor basketball court was a bus circle! Together they have over 60 years of experience teaching countless Newfield students. They will be sorely missed!






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