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Welcome to Global I

For the 4th marking period we will be covering  Ancient Rome and the Byzantine/Islamic Empire. 

Great ways to study for tests and quizzes is by looking over notes, using the review terms, quizlet, and Sheppard software.

To access Global's updated schedule please see the links below:
Images of activities from the 1st marking period from our apple mummification to our Nearpod virtual tour of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids:

     It is your time to begin to explore and conquer Global I! Global I begins with the first civilizations of the world and concludes with exploration. 

     Throughout the course there will be a lot of information covered, and we will work through this challenge together using different activities, including empathy activities, role- playing, presentations, and several surprises to come.

     I am always available for questions and extra support through an email or a phone call to the school. Click
here to email me.

Tools to help students be successful in Global:  
  • To help students stay organized I have created an Edmond account for Global I. The Edmond account will be used for the students to find missing assignments, homework, classwork, absentee work, and friendly reminders. The link to sign into the Edmond is
  • By the end of the year students will be expected to know all 7 continents and a majority of the countries in the world. A great website to practice and review the locations of the countries is
  • A great resource to help students study is Quillet allows students to use digital flash cards, take practice quizzes, and play vocabulary games for each individual unit. 


School in Haiti  
Paris, France

Sydney, Australia
Swiss Alps in Switzerland

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland 

Where to next????

Let's explore the world together!!!