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On May 18th, the 7th grade ventured out of the school building and headed over behind the bus garage to investigate the health of the stream and surrounding woods that is located there.  They did this because they have been raising Brown Trout in the classroom and had to prove the stream was healthy before they could release the trout.  Throughout the school year the students have learned the life cycle of trout, compared trout reproduction to other organisms, learned that trout can change colorations to camouflage to their environment, and lastly, learned to read dichotomous keys to identify various macro invertebrates.  All of these lessons relate back to the Life Science curriculum.  In order to confirm the stream and the area surrounding the stream were healthy, the students took samples from the stream and identified what they found.  The students had a chart that identified the organisms that were sensitive to pollution, somewhat sensitive and tolerant of pollution.  Therefore, the students were looking for a large variety of organisms and preferably those that were sensitive to pollution because that would indicate a healthier stream.  The students also took a walk in the wooded area around the stream looking for producers and consumers that would indicate the presence of life around the stream.  The students brought all their finds together and determined that the stream was healthy enough for their trout.  The students then received a cup full of a couple trout a piece and they simultaneously released all the trout.  Overall, the students enjoyed the interactive experience surrounding the education and responsibility of taking care of trout. This day was one of applying concepts learned in the classroom to the field and interacting with the nature around us.                      





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