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Newfield students whose parents disapprove of youth alcohol and drug use have significantly lower use rates! According to the 2014 Communities that Care Youth Survey (taken by students grades 7-12 throughout the TST BOCES Region), only 18% of Newfield students whose parents disapproved of youth alcohol use had used alcohol in the past 30-days compared to a 47% use rate for Newfield students whose parents do not disapprove.

Things parents can do to significantly reduce substance use by their children:

Know where your children are, their schedules and whereabouts. Newfield students who reported that their parents know where they are and who they are with have much lower 30-day use rates.

Have clear family rules about alcohol and drug use. Newfield students who reported that their parents had clear rules about alcohol and drug use had lower 30-day use rates for alcohol (16% vs 38%) and marijuana (11% vs 29%) than students who said their parents did not have clear rules.

Know who your children’s friends are. Students whose friends don't use alcohol or marijuana are also unlikely to use. However, if their friends use, they are much more likely to use. Additionally, students whose friends do not use alcohol or marijuana are more engaged in school and have fewer depressive symptoms.

For More Information About Talking to Your Child About Alcohol: ?? National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism ?? Kids Health/ Nemours Foundation ?? SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration): ?? Community Coalition for Healthy Youth: ?? TST BOCES Youth Development Program: Jennifer Astles-Steinmetz, Coordinator (607) 257-1551 x1015, 18% 47% 10% 45% 17% 37% 10% 33% Impact of Friends on Substance Use ** TST BOCES Region D





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