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Common Core Geometry

Mr. Williamson   (607) 564-9955 x3210

Course Goals
  • To investigate, discover, learn, and apply the properties of various shapes and figures.
  • To further develop an understanding and appreciation of mathematics as a formal system.
  • To further develop your reasoning skills.
    General Expectations                                                Website Information
  • Be respectful.
  • Be responsible
  • Be ready to learn.
    General Rules
  1. All students must follow the rules and guidelines in their student handbooks.
  2. Obscene or offensive language or behavior will NOT be tolerated.
  3. If a student does not use class time wisely, they will not be allowed to seek extra help outside of class or after school.
Kirk Weiler's Common Core Geometry
            We will be using Kirk Weiler's Common Core curriculum this year. All of the notes and assignments from the course can be found on his website above, as well as a video for each lesson. I will be supplementing his material throughout the year with extra practice problems and additional lessons as needed.
            There are six marking periods, each consisting of a number of graded assignments that are worth the following:
Homework Quizzes/Tests Marking Period Exam
30% 50% 20%
            Each lesson will consist of homework checks, which are graded for completion. Occasionally, I may collect homework and assign a grade for either correctness or completeness. For some days, a grade will be assigned for how well students work during the period, if they used their time wisely to complete all required tasks. Quizzes will be given periodically and will be graded for correctness. There will be some unannounced quizzes throughout the year. Students will have a chance to correct quizzes for a higher grade (maximum of 50% given back for corrections). Tests will be given at the end of each unit. Students will not be able to correct their tests. The final average is calculated by averaging the six marking period grades with the Midterm and Regents exam grades (eight grades total).
Student Binders and Other Daily Supplies
            Each student will be expected to have with them every day:
  1. A graphing calculator, protractor, compass, and straight edge (ruler). (4 AAA batteries needed)
  2. Pens (blue or black ink ONLY) and pencils.
  3. Their 3-ring binder.
                Each student's binder should contain the following sections:
  4. A section for taking notes during class.
  5. A section for storing homework assignments.
  6. A section for storing graded assessments (quizzes, tests).
    Common Core Regents Exam in Geometry
                Each student in the Common Core Geometry course will be required to take the Common Core Geometry Regents Exam in June. The score of this exam will be counted as the student's Final Exam score and will be worth one-eighth of the student's overall average for the course. There will be at least two weeks at the end of the year for in-class review for the Regents Exam, so it is expected that students, especially in the weeks leading up to the exam, will be responsible on their own to seek extra help where needed. The Geometry Regents exam is the second of three state exams that is required for the Advanced Regents Diploma.
    Making Up Missed Work
                If a student is absent from school, that student is responsible for approaching the teacher to ask about missed work. All materials that are missed will be placed into the student's file folder in the front of the room. It is the student's responsibility to pick up missed materials and complete them in a timely fashion. I strongly suggest that students go online to the Emath Instruction website to obtain the notes and assignment, as well as watch the video lesson, so that they do not get behind.
                If students have questions about the lesson material they missed, they are expected to come see a math teacher for extra help before or after school or during a free period. Students will NOT be able to ask for help during a lesson, since the focus is on the new material being learned. All collected and checked work must be handed in within two days after they return to school from their absence to receive full credit. All missed quizzes must be made up within a reasonable timeframe of their return to school. Quizzes not made up within a reasonable time will be given a zero.
    Checking Homework Assignments
                Students are responsible for completing their homework assignments and asking for help at the appropriate times if they do not understand particular problems. Homework will not be collected, but will be randomly checked. It is vital that all homework assignments be completed since this is the best time for a student to practice the skills learned in the lesson.
                Occasionally I will collect random homework assignments, especially those assignments where critical feedback is necessary. Collected homework assignments will be given a score of 2 (complete), 1 (incomplete, but a fair attempt was made), or 0 (little or no attempt was made, or homework is missing).
    Late Work
                No collected homework will be accepted after two days of its due date, unless the teacher has granted an extension. Therefore, no student will be given a chance at the end of each marking period to make up missed assignments. This is an Advanced Regents course, and students are expected to be responsible for completing all of their homework, whether or not it was collected on the day they were absent.
    Student Misconduct
                All students are expected to abide by all rules within the student handbook. If it is determined by the teacher that a student is in violation of the student handbook guidelines during class, then the teacher will assign one after-school detention with the teacher to that student. If the disruptions or insubordinations continue, then the student will be written up and will therefore be assigned a consequence from the office, such as an after-school detention in the office or a suspension.