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Message from the Superintendent

One of the best things about Newfield is that our teachers and administrators are supportive, nurturing and unwilling to let even one child “fall through the cracks.” We say that there are "no excuses" for us not to try to help every child - regardless of situation or background - succeed in school. Each child is special and valued here in Newfield! It is our desire:

1. To make sure every child has the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and emotionally;
2. To consistently raise our scores on the NYS Assessments and Regents exams over time;
3. To encourage teachers to grow professionally beyond their “comfort zone”;
4. To support parents in raising healthy, happy, and academically successful children;
5. To support and work with the community.

If you have any questions about our district I would be happy to speak with you.
Vicky Volpicelli, Acting Superintendent

We see the Newfield Central School District as a place where we ALL:
  • Educate instead of teach;
  • Believe that students can achieve and succeed regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender, or ethnicity;
  • Embrace classified students in the same way as regular education students;
  • Empower staff and students to use thoughtful and purposeful innovative approaches in order to increase student achievement;
  • Are collaborative, supportive, and promote a positive culture.