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What are we doing in Physical Education?

What are we doing in Physical Education?
Fitness Pre-Testing
  • Outdoor Tests (2-5): Endurance Run (1 mile for 4th and 5th grade and a 1/2 mile for 2nd and 3rd); 40 Yard Dash (convert yards to feet), and Shuttle Run test (30 feet apart, same distance as 40 yard dash).
  • Indoor Tests (2-5): Flexibility (sit and reach test), Upper Body Strength (flexed arm hang test), and Core Strength (sit ups test).
Fitness Pre-Testing Activities
  • Clean Your Room
  • Bean Bag Bowling (Manipulatives: tennis ball, fleece ball, indoor frisbee - in addition to bean bags)
  • Treasure Island
  • Cars on the Road: gas station (gas pumps), mechanics garage (inflate flat tires), restaurant (rest, converse, eat "Go" foods), car wash (jumping jacks), and police station (Sherrifs handing out tickets)
  • Ghost Hunt (Halloween Activities)
Indoor Snowball Game
Cooperative Games
Speed Stacking
Striking Activities
  • Table Tennis
  • Whiffle Ball


Fitness Post-Testing

Important Curriculum links: