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Hi. Welcome to Common Core Algebra ........................first year of two

A fun placed to go and practice your math is

Another fantastic place for watching math videos by topic is     The second year course will follow the emath curriculum so becoming familiar with this site will be very beneficial for all students.


Typically there will not be homework in this class. The class is designed to gain skill in mathematics with intense in-class practice. The teachers will talk about and demonstrate the daily lessons (with the class offering their suggestions on how to do the problem)

The next ten minutes or so will be guided practice individually or in small groups.

When students demonstrate mastery they can then begin the assignment. This is expected to be completed before the class ends. There will be time to do so as long as time is not wasted. If the assignment is not completed, then it is considered homework.

Grades will be determined by averaging all quiz grades. Typically there will be 3-4 days between quizzes.