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Room 217 loves math!

Newfield uses the New York State Math Modules!
Students learn many ways to think about any given problem. The modules encourage them to use the strategy that works best for them, while exposing them to many ways of doing things so that they know which strategy that is! Please message on Class Dojo, email, or call with any questions.

Look to the right for some helpful math videos!!!          
         Partner work in math!         
  Math centers are so much fun! 

Whole group lesson

Mrs. Z. teaching small group

Geoboards! Making shapes, lines, and angles and describing them to our partners.

Our Math Program: NYS Math Modules

Our focus: Using many strategies for different concepts and computation. We teach many ways to get to an answer, including tape diagrams, number bonds, number lines, standard algorithm, area models, drawing a picture, and other base-ten strategies. We want all students to choose which strategy works best for them and their learning style!

 Math centers! We are practicing our skills, and having fun doing it!
Helpful hint: Work on those multiplication facts! They will help with our division!
Your students have also been bringing home "SPRINTS" from the NYS math modules. They practice math fact fluency (the ability to finish math problems quickly and correctly) so that more difficult math problems, like multi-digit multiplication and division, word problems, etc., can be done more quickly too! Keep an eye out for these in their mail!
Print a sprint: Click here!

Fun Brain - Play some fun math games here!

Worksheets - Find free worksheets for your child to practice with!