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Sight words are words that are commonly used in reading and writing.  Student's ability to read these words instantaneously enables them to become more fluent readers.  Sight words are used in high frequency in text; they also can be words that don't follow basic patterns, making them difficult to sound out for early readers.

Below are the words that your child is expected to know by sight (automatically) by the end of Kindergarten:


September: I, see, a, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, white, black


October: brown, like, my the                      November: and, yes, no, can


December: is, it, to, from                            January: he, she, go, play, has                                                       


February: in, on, have, one                        March: for, here, me, up, we


April: you, are, at                                          May: be, do, they, was


June: of, as, or


With these words, practice does make perfect! The more your child is exposed to these words, the stronger their ability to read them by sight will be!








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