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First Grade Spelling List
Spelling Week 1-  and his of  the  is  /  bit    hit    fit    pit    spit
Spelling Week 2- can   go   like   my   see   /   dog   hog    jog   log  frog
Spelling Week 3- as has to into we  / cash   dash   crash   rash   flash
Spelling Week 4- she or for  not   me / deck   neck   peck   check   speck
Spelling Week 5- have   want    he   are   here / dish   fish   wish   swish   squish
Spelling Week 6- do  your  they  you   get   / bill   fill   pill   hill   grill
Spelling Week 7- said was one   quit   animal / ball   fall   hall   tall   small
Spelling Week 8- where   look  from does   eat / dam   ham   jam   ram   yam
Spelling Week 9- why   some   will   when   all / bet(s)   jet(s)   net(s)  pet(s)  wet(s)
Spelling Week 10- who what  has   children   come   / cut (s) hut(s)nut(s)  rut(s)  shut(s)
Spelling Week 11- here  friend   girl   play   that / dock   lock   sock   clock   stock
Spelling Week 12- car   down   us   by try / sing   king   ring   wing   swing
Spelling Week 13- best   with   two   thing   put / bank   yank   thank   stank   spank
Spelling Week 14- kick   too very also some / junk   chunk   clunk   skunk   trunk
Spelling Week 15- house  was   would  could  should / bluff   fluff   gruff   puff   stuff
Spelling Week 16- how   won’t   make   over  her /   bar   car   far   jar   star
Spelling Week 17- made   people   out   there   can’t / bump dump   pump   thump   stump
Spelling Week 18- went   rain   say  between   very /pain   chain   brain   train   gain
Spelling Week 19-says  each   because   saw   teacher / beat   heat   meat   seat   cheat 
Spelling Week 20-tell   after   off   school   any /   bay   hay   gray   tray   clay
Spelling Week 21-nice   new   night   favorite   talk / bend  lend send   spend   trend
Spelling Week 22- pretty   sister  about   brother   out /
band(ed)   hand(ed)   land(ed)    sand(ed)   stand(ed)
Spelling Week 23- friend  other  another  were  good   /   hide   side   tide   wide   slide
Spelling Week 24- none  nothing  give  little  old   / bake   cake   rake   quake   snake
Spelling Week 25- them  this   number   our   blue   / rice   slice   spice   dice   twice
Spelling Week 26- three   people  month  jump   Mrs.  / find  kind   wind   grind   blind
Spelling Week 27- four   pink   Mr.  been  own / born   horn  torn  thorn  corn
Spelling Week 28- five   orange   boy  fair    Ms.  / cool   fool   pool    tool   drool
Spelling Review 1-   with  because   yellow   very   new   you   talk   one /
bright   fight   light   right   tight
Spelling Review 2- where  friend   blue   your   house   here   has   two /
pout  shout  spout  sprout  trout
Spelling Review 3- was   why   people   green   give   have   do   three /
bun  run  sun  spun  stun
Review 4-what   night   said   of   saw   are   her   four / dig  jig  pig  wig  zig





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