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Homework is an opportunity for students to learn and parents to be involved in their child's education! Here are some tips to help homework time be successful:
Provide a good homework environment:
Set a regular time to do homework. It will help your student complete assignments.
Pick a quiet place with plenty of light, access to school supplies, and it should be fairly quiet.
Remove distractions by turning off the TV, radio and other distracting items.
Encourage independence, but provide assistance when necessary:
Encourage independent work but be there to help with tough problems.
Check it. You don't have to grade their work, but if you are interested they will stay interested.
Help your child stay organized by checking backpacks, take-home folders, and assignments.
Offer praise and encouragement - a little praise goes a long way!!
Communicate any concerns with the teacher. Call or e-mail teachers with questions and attend parent-teacher conferences.