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Hello all.

This year I am using the Wilson Reading System to teach my students.

The Wilson Reading System (WRS) is designed to close the gap for struggling readers from the second grade through adulthood.


I feel fortunate to have been chosen to become a certified Wilson Reading System instructor. I believe that the use of WRS along with early instruction using Wilson Fundations will help Newfield students develop a strong reading base and become successful students in the future.


The Wilson Reading System is based upon 10 principles of instruction. Research within the field of reading has validated the "critical points" of the Wilson program and helps to explain the reasons for its effectiveness.

  • Teach sounds to automaticity
  • Teach total word structure - not just sounds
  • Present concepts within context of controlled, written text
  • Present the structure of language in a systematic, cumulative manner
  • Teach all principles of English language structure directly and thoroughly
  • Teach/re-enforce concepts with visual-auditory-kinesthetic tactile methods
  • Teach phonemic and syllabic segmentation
  • Include constant review and repetition
  • Use questioning techniques for re-enforcement, student error correction and metacognitive thinking
  • Use diagnostic teaching within the scope and sequence of program