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February 11, 2021 BOE Meeting

Please note, this is a meeting held in public NOT a public meeting.  POTF is limited to 3 minutes per person for a total of 15 minutes.


Each Board of Education meeting shall be conducted in an orderly manner which provides time for and encourages community involvement.

Privilege of the Floor: The Board of Education has reserved times at each regular meeting for interested parties to address the Board: "Privilege of the Floor." This time has been adopted to provide an opportunity for interested parties to express opinions on District matters; it is not a time for debate.

The publicly held meeting is not the time to register complaints about individuals or about items which have not first been addressed through proper communication channels with the appropriate school personnel (e.g. staff, teachers, their supervisors, and the Superintendent).

Persons who repeatedly violate the rules of Privilege of the Floor will lose their ability to participate in Privilege of the Floor for a period of time determined by the Board.

The first Privilege of the Floor is to allow for comments, concerns, etc. to be voiced by meeting attendees.

The second Privilege of the Floor is to allow for follow up comments regarding issues discussed during the course of that Board Meeting. The intention for the second Privilege of the Floor period is to help make the Board Meeting more time efficient and moving along in the interest of covering each meeting’s agenda.

The Board has established the following procedure for "Privilege of the Floor:"

1. Persons addressing the Board shall first be recognized by the Board President or presiding officer.

2. The speaker shall provide his/her name and address to the Board.

3. Speakers who read from a prepared text are encouraged to present copies of that text to the Board members prior to speaking or to the District Office within 24 hours after the meeting.

4. The Board President or presiding officer may limit public comments at his/her discretion. Any one person’s comments are limited to three minutes unless, at the Board’s discretion, time is extended beyond those three minutes.

5. In keeping with our educational mission in service to our students, all persons acknowledged and given the Privilege of the Floor should conduct him/herself respectfully and professionally when addressing the Board. Failure to do so may result in the speaker being asked to terminate their statement.

6. Any concerns heard from the floor shall be acknowledged and the Board will return to the regular agenda. No person has the right to demand an immediate answer to a specific question from a member of the board. The concerns raised by the speaker may be investigated and the issue of concern may be placed on a future agenda for discussion or action as appropriate. In cases where it is deemed appropriate, the Board may provide a response or reply to the issue of concern during the meeting in which the issue was raised.

7. Privilege of the Floor is for Newfield students, parents of Newfield students, District residents, Newfield taxpayers, and school personnel. All others who wish to address the Board must request permission to do so by submitting a copy of their remarks to the District Office five days before the regular Board meeting. This will be distributed to Board members prior to the meeting.

8. Members of the Board will listen to the remarks of the speakers, but action will not be taken until such time as the Board is properly prepared to address issues raised by the speaker. In order to expedite meetings, discussion of any particular item or motion may be limited to 15 minutes by the Board President or presiding officer. Discussion may be continued upon a motion, second and majority agreement of the Board. Prior to the question being called, all Board members must be polled for an opportunity to speak. Action items and discussion items will be clearly marked as such on agendas.

Adoption date: December 20, 2001 Revision date: January 20, 2011 Revision date: February 2, 2012