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Most Influential Employees September 2020 


Lori Robbins - Teachers Aide

What her and her daughter did over the weekend! They spent 4 hours raking up the sticks and twigs around the building where the trees were taken down. Lori is often doing amazing community service around our building and I'd love for her to have some recognition for it. She, and her Girl Scouts, often clean the courtyard and plant in it and, to my knowledge, she has never received any kudos.


Pam Scott, Jolie King, and Laine Gillette - ES Office Staff

What I have watched these ladies deal with and accomplish since I started on August 3rd, and well before that, is nothing short of remarkable!!  There would not be a school day for these children without the superhuman efforts of these three ladies.  They continue to go far above and beyond what is asked of them each and every day!!  


Kyle Malane - Custodian

He does so much for the school.  and one incident hit me was when he helped one of the students in our room get in the gym for his bag, he was very upset the doors were locked and Kyle came around the corner to help him out. Kyle would bend over backwards to help anyone out.


Dan Emery - Bus Maintenance

He goes above and beyond taking care of our buses. He does his best to make sure the bus drivers have everything they need. He is also available to drive when a driver is not here and no subs are available. He even helps out Newfield staff with issues with their personal vehicles. Thank you


Ashely Malane and Becky Roe - Teachers Aides in  MS 12:1:1

I would like to recognize the amazing work and dedication for working with students in and outside of the classroom. They are outstanding members of the team and I could not do this without their hard work and support. 


Sunny Miller, Bob Fisher, Chris Gaspari, and Harold Flumerfelt - IT Staff

I would like to recognize each member of the IT team. I have worked with each of them this month and they are doing an amazing job getting everyone setup and supported in a timely manner. They have a huge job to do and I think each of them are doing phenomenal work!


 Shari Whitley - 1:1  Aide

She works so hard with the students she works with, but I see her mostly working during meal times to make sure each student gets what they need. She always has a positive attitude and is so helpful. She is sweet and kind to the students and to other adults. I appreciate all she does for her students (none of who are in our class) but also for our grade level as a whole during each meal time.


Sunny Miller - DIrector of IT and PD 

 Sunny has been instrumental in helping all of us learn the new Google platform and is always willing to help whenever called upon. Sunny "gets things done" and we are super lucky to have her on board with us!


Tony Cirulli - Custodian

 He took it upon himself to clean the bomb shelter and organize the area to make it more accessible to get to files and supplies.  I was going to put a request into School Dude to do this so that we could get to the high school archived files easier.  I never said anything to Tony about it and he mentioned today that I should find it easier to access.


All Cleaners and Custodians

The custodians that are lightening cleaning between students eating and are doing an amazing job.  My room and the restrooms look great.  


Marcia Beecken - 3rd Grade Teacher

Long before it was known if school would re-open, Marcia was preparing, setting up her virtual classroom, unpacking from the move to 3rd grade from 2nd grade and learning the new curriculum for 3rd grade.  She has gone above and beyond the “work day hours”, providing emails and phone calls to parents, guiding them on this new normal journey of virtual learning for their children and her students.  Marcia has the utmost desire for each of her students to be successful, especially during this modified teaching routine. She is caring and nurturing yet firm in her role and the expectations of each student in her room. She strives for their success and doesn’t give up even on the most hectic days.  

It is a pleasure to work in her classroom. 


Congratulations to all the above influential employees,  Thank you for all you do each and every day!