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Homeschooling vs. Remote Learning: Overview

Home schooling vs keeping you child home during Covid to virtually learn:

Home schooling is a separate form of learning where you are actually taught at home by an adult in the household.  You must follow certain NYS regulations that are then overseen by the district but New York State driven.  If you are choosing this model you will need to have your student unenrolled from Newfield and fill out separate paper work to be home schooled. 

Choosing to keep your student home to virtually learn during Covid is when you are not comfortable with your student attending school due to Covid and you want them to learn virtually from home.  You can do this.  The school will then teach your child the same curriculum as all the other students in that grade or class, only they will not be coming to school.  If you choose this model, we are considering making it so you would have to stay with that model until January.  With all of the DOH and NYSED guidelines we will not be able to accommodate students making a daily or weekly choice. 

There will be a mandatory questionnaire coming out within the next few weeks where you will need to provide information on your plans for your student as well as your bussing information. 

Once again, there is no perfect answer but we need to be able to plan to be safe and responsible.  Thank you for being part of the solution.

Eric Hartz
Acting Superintendent.