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Varsity Outdoor Track and Field

"Out of adversity comes opportunity" Benjamin Franklin

A great quote for our current situation.  Let's continue to prepare for the track season so that we're ready to compete when we get back to school.  Stay motivated, work hard, and remain excited about the upcoming season.  Let's be the team that stays focused and on course to make the best out of these trying times.

Track Workouts

#1 Tempo Interval Pyramid Workout:

I was at the track last week and did the following workout. It's a good one for becoming comfortable running at a certain tempo.  This workout can also be performed on a treadmill.

Begin by choosing a min/mile pace. (I chose 8min/mi), Find your 100m split times (min/mile pace x 60 divided by 16, ie. 8.0min/mile x 60= 480/16 = 30seconds for each 100m)
After warming up you begin the workout which consists of 10 intervals of increasing length beginning with a 100m interval (add 100m each time) run at your tempo pace.
Recovery is a brisk 200m walk taking no longer than 2 minutes.
After interval #10 (1000m) and your 200m recovery you run 1600m (4 laps) at your tempo pace or slightly faster. By this time you should know exactly what that pace feels like.

ie. 100m interval, walk 200m, 200m interval, walk 200m, 300m interval, walk 200m, 400m interval, walk 200m,...1000m interval, walk 200m, 1600m tempo mile
#2 6 Lane Workout:

This workout is another pyramid workout.  You will be required to increase your speed on each consecutive interval for the first half of the workout.  During the second half of the workout you will be able to decrease your speed for each interval.  Although slower, the second half of the workout is not necessarily easier due to being tired from earlier intervals.

Begin by choosing a 400m time that you want to complete each interval in.  A good goal can be your fastest 400m time + 15% (ie. if your goal time is a 70 second 400m, you do this workout at 70+10.5 = 80.5seconds (1:20.5 400m time)
After warming up run your 1st lap interval in lane 1 in 80.5 seconds
Recover for up to 2 minutes
After 2 minutes run your 2nd lap interval in lane 2 in 80.5 seconds.  Start and finish the entire lap in lane 2.  This means you will have to go slightly farther than the first lap but in the same amount of time.
Recover again up to 2 minutes
Run your 3rd lap interval in lane 3 in 80.5 seconds.  Start and finsh entire lap in lane 3.  Once again, this means you will have to run farther in the same amount of time.
Continue the workout alternating laps and recovery for lanes 4,5,6,6,5,4,3,2,1 for a total of 12laps x 80.5 seconds
#3 200 Tuesday

This is an interval workout.  The entire workout consists of fifteen 200m sprints broken into 3 phases.  The first phase will work on increasing the speed of your leg turn over and sprinting form.  The second phase allows you the opportunity to transfer this leg speed and form onto the track.  Phase three will help improve power, and leg and arm drive.

Phase 1 - After warming up properly you will complete 5 sprints on a slight down hill.  We usually use the bus loop infront of the elementary building.  Start near the bike rack at the high school and end at the stop sign near the elementary school district office entrance.  Concentrate on good sprinting form.  Arm drive, turning over legs quickly, extend stride as you hit the hill but still driving forward not gliding.  Keep upper body relaxed as you use drive with arms.  Walk back to the start for recovery.  Approximately 2 minutes.

Phase 2 - Move to the track and run 5 sprints of 200m.  Attempt to keep same form and speed that you had on the downhill phase. Walk 200m recovery.

Phase 3 - Move to the bottom of the access road that goes between the middle school and the high school.  Start at the gate and end at the old field house.
Run 5 sprints (yes these will be harder).  Concentrate on arm drive, knee drive, and staying strong through the entire sprint. Keep upper body relaxed while you drive arms.  Recover by walking back to the start.