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The Newfield Central School District has the opportunity to complete the HVAC replacement in the middle school, replace the high school gym floor, install LED lighting, replace ceilings, renovate both the elementary and secondary kitchens, and take care of other building condition issues that may come to our attention over the next several years at no additional cost to taxpayers! This means asking voters for permission to borrow up to $5.5 million and to use the money in our capital reserve to offset the taxpayer share.
Why do we need to do this? The middle school HVAC system is failing. We currently have enough money to replace the elementary and high school HVAC systems but not enough to include the middle school. If we wait the costs will be higher to do a stand-alone project and the students and staff will have to endure more years of too hot or too cold classrooms as each unit continues to fail. It is difficult to write wearing mittens or to concentrate and learn when the room is 90 degrees.
The high school gym floor has many trip hazards due to the buckling and peeling caused by moisture underneath. It has been sanded and repaired so many times that there is little flooring left. We need to support the District’s Physical Education programs and athletic teams as well as provide a safe place for community teams to practice.
There are large “bumps” in the floor of the elementary kitchen, also due to moisture underneath. The electric needs to be upgraded to meet safety codes. Failing equipment needs to be replaced in both kitchens. The elementary kitchen is currently the main kitchen where breakfast and lunch are cooked for the entire district. It would be helpful to be able to also cook in the secondary kitchen instead of transporting meals between buildings. The secondary kitchen is in need of major renovations so that meals can be provided to students in a clean and healthy environment.
One of the best ways to save money is to reduce the amount of energy used. We would like to do this by installing LED lighting throughout the district. All of our lights have to come down anyway during the HVAC renovations. Instead of paying to store the old florescent bulbs and then put them back up, we would install new LED lights. The ceilings tiles will be replaced at the same time since they will also need to come down when the HVAC systems and lighting are changed. 
The vote will take place on February 13th from noon to 9:00 pm in the elementary lower gym. A yes vote means “go ahead and borrow up to $5.5 million (less, if that much is not needed after the bids for the work come in) at no cost to me.” A no vote means “the school district may not borrow any more money and these renovations will not happen.”
If you have any questions about the proposed project, please contact Steve Yaple at 607-564-9955 x 4129 or Dr. Cheryl Thomas at 607-564-9955 x 4140.





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