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How do I log in?  

Go to, use your full Newfield Email address and password. There is also a link under "Additional Staff Resources" on the Newfield Website.  

Do I have to install any programs?  

Office 365 can be accessed from any web browser, such as Chrome or Edge, so no programs are necessary. iOS and Android apps are available for mobile devices.  

What is the difference between Word Online (Edit in Browser) and Microsoft Word?  

Word Online turns any internet browser into Microsoft Word! You have virtually the same tools and look as Word installed in your computer, but you don't have to download or install any programs. The only downside is that the Word Online is considered a "lite" version, meaning that some capabilities available in the Microsoft Word program might not be available.  

If you are using OneDrive for document storage and organization, using Word Online is a better choice most of the time. Word online automatically saves and syncs with your OneDrive. If you are having trouble using or finding an advanced formatting tool, try Microsoft Word (but understand AutoSaving might not be occurring).  

What is OneDrive?  

OneDrive is Microsoft cloud-based storage app. This means that you can upload any file to your OneDrive to provide access wherever there is internet.  

Is my data secure in the cloud?  

This article gives a good perspective on OneDrive file security.  

What does it mean when someone "shares" a file with me? Why can't I edit a file sometimes?  

When someone shares a file with you, they are giving you access to either view or edit their file. This is a change for many who are used to email attachments, which gives you your own copy of a file from someone.  

An environment like this is conducive to collaboration! See this MS support resource for more in-depth information on sharing.  

How can I share something with a larger group of people?  

Each files that you have on OneDrive has a web link associated with it, so the easiest way to do this is to Copy the Link (scroll about halfway down) and check the sharing settings. This link can then be shared via email or email group.  

Why are we expected to use Office 365? What are the advantages of using it?  

Office 365 encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, work together, and is accessible from virtually anywhere on any device.  

Where can I learn about other 365 Apps?  

The Microsoft Educator Community has a wealth of resources to explore various topics, apps, and best practices.  

Do students have Office 365 accounts?  

YES! Collaborating with students on Office 365 is where the magic happens!  

How can I get more help?  

Email Matt! 

Why doesn't mail or calendar work?  

The IT department is currently working on transferring our email and calendars (outlook) to the cloud so they are available in Office 365. You can access your email through your browser