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(Please note time and date changes below due to last week's basketball tournament.)

Batter up! The cast, crew, pit orchestra, and production team of "Damn Yankees" is on deck and ready to hit one out of the park! Based on the novel, The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, this musical comedy combines America’s favorite national pastime with the popular Faust legend. Joe Boyd (Jake Brown) is a middle-aged, happily married, obsessive baseball fan who is distraught over the lackluster performance of his beloved Washington Senators. In strolls the devil, disguised as Mr. Applegate (Patrick Banfield), with some witty banter and a grave proposition: Would Joe be willing to sell his soul in exchange for the opportunity to play for the Washington Senators and lead them to victory in the World Series? Without considering how the consequences of this decision would affect his wife, Meg (Savanna Scott), Joe accepts the deal and …WHAM! He magically transforms into a 22-year-old, major league superstar. Meanwhile, Van Buren (Eric Allen) – manager of the struggling Senators – tries improving his team’s morale, which is a hopeless job until the players are introduced to the rookie shortstop, Joe Hardy (Nolan Ruocco).

For results of the final innings, you’ll have to buy a ticket! Will Joe impress the fans and help the Senators win the pennant? Will the devil’s sidekick, Lola (Devonn McKenna) persuade Joe to forget his past? Will the team convince star reporter, Gloria Thorpe (Jordann McKenna) that Joe is the answer to the team’s prayers? Will good triumph over evil?

For the answers to these questions and more, come watch the game in the Vincent Aiosa Auditorium (Newfield High School) on Thursday, March 23; Friday, March 24 and/or Saturday, March 25 (7 P.M.) and Sunday, March 26 (4 PM). Ticket prices are $5 (students/senior citizens) and $7 (adults). Tickets go on sale in the high school office on March 1st. "Damn Yankees" is sure to be a GRAND SLAM! Don’t miss it!





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