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English 102 – Approaches to Literature

Peter Pfarrer, Instructor /Email me / 607-564-9955 (3225)
Spring Semester, 2018
Texts: Donoghue, Emma. Room. Little, Brown and Company, 2010.
            Kirszner, Laurie & Stepen R. Mandell.  Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing
                        Cengage Learning, 2013.
            Pelecanos, George. The Way Home. Back Bay Books, 2009.
            Perrine, Lawrence.  Literature: Structure, Sound and Sense.  9th ed. 
                        Heinle and Heinle, 2002.       
            Shaffer, Peter.  Equus.  Penguin, 1984.
            Wilson, August.  Fences.  Penguin, 1986.
Course Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed English 101 or received permission from the instructor to take the class.
Course Objectives: Approaches to Literature is a broad introduction to the major aspects of literature; its purpose is to help the student develop an appreciation and an understanding of fiction, drama and poetry as forms of literary expression.  The student should learn to enjoy literature, to understand literature, and to express that enjoyment and understanding in well-written English, employing appropriate critical vocabulary.
Specific Objectives:
  1. To read, analyze, and discuss works of fiction, poetry and drama.
  2. To become familiar with literary devices and techniques as used in each of these genres.
  3. To develop further the student’s oral and written communication skills, especially in relation to discussing literary works, to contrasting different treatments of the same themes, and to explaining the uses of literary devices and techniques.
  4. To gain insight into the human experience through exposure to interpretive literature.

Methods of Instruction:  Lecture, discussion, reading assignments, reading quizzes, writing assignments, and a final exam.

Readings:       Selected chapters, fiction, drama, and poetry from Krizner & Mandel’s Literature

Selected chapters, fiction, drama, and poetry from Perrine’s Literature

Two novels (listed above)

Two plays (listed above)

Grading and Attendance Policy: Students should attend all classes, read all assignments, and come to class prepared to discuss the readings.  Students will take reading quizzes, write informally in response to readings, and write three formal papers.  Papers will be graded on content, organization and mechanics.  Papers will be worth 50% of each marking period grade; quizzes and/or response pieces will be worth 25%, and participation will be worth 25%.  
Quizzes cannot be made up; students who are absent or late on the day of a quiz will have to discuss with the teacher if and how they can make up the missed grade.  Even if the quiz grade is made up, absences might have a negative impact on the final grade because participation in class discussion is a major factor in grade calculation.
For each day that a paper is late, ten percent will be deducted from the grade.