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Concurrent Enrollment Course Outline
High School Name:  Newfield High School
Instructor: Ms. Grunder  
Instructor e-mail:
TC3 Course Title/#: Health 205 First Aid and Safety Education
Credit Hours: 3                                               
Student Audience – Grade Level(s): 9-12th
Semester(s) OfferedFall (September-January)   or   Spring (January-June)  
Course Description
First Aid and Safety Education is a study of typical injuries, illnesses and emergency situations received in the workplace, recreation, home and community, as well as the corresponding first aid skills needed to manage those emergencies until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel arrive.   This course emphasizes ways to prevent such scenarios and helps student confront their fears of stepping forward to provide assistance.  The corresponding American Red Cross certificate(s) in CPR and First Aid are given upon satisfactory completion of the requirements of the American Red Cross
Minimum Entry Skills Expectations
  • Reading/Study Skills:  Students are expected to read chapters given and complete homework assignments and written questions on quizzes and tests
  • Math Skills: Basic counting skills such as counting seconds up to two minutes
  • Writing: Students are expected to complete written assignments such as answering application and/or study questions from the text, or answering various safety scenarios questions that may be assigned
  • Speaking:  Students are expected to participate in class by asking questions, being prepared to discuss course material when call upon, participating in group discussions and critiques on other student’s safety scenarios
Course Objectives
  1. Understanding how to recognize and respond to various emergency situations
  2. Understanding the duties of the citizen responder in an emergency and his or her role in activating the EMS system
  3. Understanding the basic design and function of the human body to be better prepared to give first aid
  4. Learning lifesaving skills such as CPR, AED training and First Aid to be used on victims of any age
  5. Learning how to prevent various injuries and illnesses with a focus on personal safety and a healthy lifestyle
Course Content: 
The course content and skills practice sessions have been designed by the American Red Cross.   Students will learn this material through a combination of prepared class lectures, discussions, assigned work, scenarios, skill sessions and written exams. 
Student Responsibilities:
Attendance is expected and necessary to successfully complete this course.  Courteous, mature and respectful behavior is expected at all times.  Students who miss class for any reason are responsible to make up anything they missed in class.
Late Assignments
Assignments turned in late will be given partial credit.  10% will be subtracted for every day past due.
Evaluation/Grading System
Attendance/ Participation 30%
Homework/Quizzes      10%
Exams                          30%
Skill Tests/Scenarios/Projects 30%           
Classroom Behavior Expectations:
  1. Students are to be on time or with a signed pass
  2. Students are to be prepared for class-notebook, homework, paper, pen/pencil
  3. Students are to be attentive in class, participate, and take required notes
  4. Students are to be courteous and respectful of self and others
  5. Students are to be respectful to classmates, teacher and classroom supplies
  6. Food and drink are NOT permitted
  7. In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to see me and get necessary missed work.
Cell Phones:
Cell phones are not permitted in my classroom unless stated otherwise.  All phones must be silence and out of sight (mine included).  If I see a cell phone, I will ask for it to be put away and if seen again, I will have you place in face down on desk so I can see it
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