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Birdseed Wreath Sale Birdseed Wreath Sale: Classes of 2022 & 2024 Holiday Fundraiser Sale Nov. 24 through Dec. 8, 2021 Holiday Birdie Wreath: Seeds of Black Oil Sunflower, Colored Safflower, Red Millet, and Peanuts. Each wreath weighs 2.25lbs. Cost $15.00 each. Checks payable to NCS Class of 2022 (seniors) or NCS Class of 2024 (sophomores). Wreaths will be available for pickup on/after December 1, 2021! (Great gift idea!) Contact advisor Vicki Tibbals to pre-order!
2021 Chris Bond Coaches of the Year! 2021 Chris Bond Coaches of the Year!: Congratulations to Coach Wigsten and Coach Kozlowski in regards to receiving the  2021 Chris Bond Coaches of the Year award!  This award is given in memory of Chris Bond from the IAC coaches each year.
School Board Recognition Week School Board Recognition Week: School Board Recognition Week by Sunshine Miller
NCSD Symptomatic Testing Permission Form NCSD Symptomatic Testing Permission Form: Loading…
September Newsletter September Newsletter: Newfield NCSD New by Lori Owens
NCSD 2021 Graduates NCSD 2021 Graduates: Design by Sunshine Miller
8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Join us for the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony Thursday, June 28, 2021 8:30 am Join the Livestream with this link:   8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony by Sunshine Miller
4.28.21 BOE Meeting 4.28.21 BOE Meeting: Public Session to begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 28, 2021 **Virtual Only** A. Opening Items 1. Pledge of Allegiance B. Privilege of the Floor 1. Privilege of the Floor C. Reports and Discussions 1. Business Admin. Report 2. Elementary School Report 3. Middle School and High School Reports 4. Special Programs Report 5. Tech and PD Report D. Superintendent's Report 1. Report E. Consent Agenda 1. Motion to approve items 2-10 on a consent agenda 2. Approval of Claims 3. Approval of Minutes 4. Approval of Treasurer's Report 5. Approval of Recommendations from the Committee on Special Education 6. Acceptance of Resignation(s) 7. Approval of Appointment(s) 8. Acceptance of Donation(s) 9. Approval of extra-curricular appointments ...
VOTE!! VOTE!!: Thank you for voting! The following are the results of the voting held at Newfield Central School.   Proposition 1: Budget   SHALL THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE NEWFIELD CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT BE AUTHORIZED TO SPEND $21,779,140 FOR THE PURPOSE OF OPERATING THE SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR AND TO LEVY THE NECESSARY TAX THEREAFTER?    Adoption of the budget requires a tax levy increase of 4.00% which exceeds the statutory tax levy increase limit of -3.57% for this school fiscal year and therefore exceeds the state tax cap and must be approved by sixty percent of the qualified voters present and voting. TOTAL YES: 243 TOTAL NO: 82 TOTAL VOTES CAST: 325   Proposition 2: Purchase of Buses  Shall the ...
4/15/21 BOE Agenda 4/15/21 BOE Agenda: Thursday, April 15, 2021 Board of Education Special Meeting Online Only Public Session to begin at 6:30 p.m. A. Opening Items 1. Pledge of Allegiance B. Business Administrator Report 1. Business Admin. Report C. Action Item 1. Property Tax Report Card D. Adjourn 1. Motion to adjourn  
4/1/21 BOE AGENDA 4/1/21 BOE AGENDA: Full Agenda Here Thursday, April 1, 2021 Board of Education Meeting Public Session to begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 4, 2021 Board of Education Meeting A. Opening Items 1. Virtual Meeting Participation 2. Pledge of Allegiance B. Privilege of the Floor 1. Privilege of the Floor C. Reports and Discussions 1. Newfield Story Walk 2. Business Admin. Report 3. Tax Levy D. Superintendent's Report 1. Report E. Consent Agenda 1. Motion to approve items 2-10 on a consent agenda 2. Approval of Claims 3. Approval of Minutes 4. Approval of Recommendations from the Committee on Special Education 5. Resignation(s) 6. Approval of Sub Lists 7. Approval ...
Board of Education Openings Board of Education Openings:

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