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2017-18 Staff

Employee Name Position  
Condie, Tracy Treasurer  
Griggs, Cathy Director of Technology & PD  
James, Joanne Business Administrator  
King, Roxanne Administrative Assistant  
Shipos, Cathy District Clerk  
Thomas, Cheryl Superintendent  
Employee Name Position  
Jackson, Cheryl Dir of Special Programs  
Seaney, Linda Social Worker  
McCaffrey, Jamie Social Worker  
Merwin, Catherine Psychologist  
Wall, Deloise Teacher Aide  
Employee Name Position  
Allen, Kate Teacher Aide  
Ciferri, Sharon Teacher Assistant  
Gatch, Kim Teacher Aide  
Jencks, Calimarie Teacher Aide  
Keagle, Ruth Teacher Aide  
Lloyd-Jones, Maria Childcare Program Coordinator  
Marshall, Anne Teacher Aide  
Moseley, Scott Teacher  
Nosewicz, Denise Teacher Aide  
Robbins, Dylan Teacher Aide  
Rockwell, Rebecca Teacher  
Snyder, Margaret Teacher Aide  
Taylor, Suzie Teacher  
Employee Name Position  
Addy, Melissa Teacher  
Ahart, Peter Assistant Principal  
Andrews, Sarah Teacher  
Baker, Cynthia Teacher  
Baker, Jennifer Teacher  
Beam, Tiffany Teacher  
Beecken, Marcia Teacher  
Bellavigna-Robbins, Lori Teacher Aide  
Betters, Colleen Teacher  
Birdsall, Hannah Teacher  
Black, Kristin Teacher  
Black, Rachel Teacher  
Boyle, Nicole Teacher  
Brokaw, Nicole Teacher  
Brown, Lauren Teacher  
Bubble, Chris Teacher  
Carman, Dianne Teacher Aide  
Chaffee, Helen Teacher Aide  
Charsky, Rebecca Guidance Counselor  
Coleman, Judy Teacher Aide  
Cooper, Chelsey Teacher  
Daley, Dorinda Teacher Aide  
Drumluk, Amy Teacher  
Ferguson, Misty Teacher Aide  
Furstoss, Katherine Teacher  
Furstoss, Louise Teacher  
Gallogly, Stephanie Teacher  
Gay, Sharon Teacher Aide  
Gray, Rebecca Teacher Aide  
Green, Jill Teacher  
Green, Rachel Teacher  
Harris, Rebecca Teacher  
Huckle, Katie Teacher  
Jenney, Heather Teacher Aide  
Jones, Theresa Teacher Aide  
King, Ashley Teacher Aide  
King, Jolie Administrative Assistant, Level II  
Lamison, Elizabeth Speech Language Pathologist  
Laughlin, Christine School Nurse  
Linde, Philip Teacher  
Martin, Sarah Teacher  
Miller, Cortney Teacher Aide  
Miller, Lisa Teacher  
Millier, Kathleen Speech Language Pathologist  
Nye, Joanne Teacher Aide  
Olmstead, Shari Teacher  
Parmenter, Mary Teacher Aide  
Porter, Amy Teacher Aide  
Ravas, Paul Teacher  
Schumacher, Lauren Teacher Aide  
Scott, Pam Secretary  
Searles, Holley Teacher Aide  
Sears, Donald (Jack) Teacher  
Sherwood, Tina Teacher  
Shults, Suzette Teacher  
Stamp, Jennifer Librarian  
Sumers, Melissa Teacher Aide  
Thayer, Anne-Marie Teacher  
Tripodi, Diane Teacher  
Volpicelli, Vicky Principal  
Wall, Tracy Teacher  
Walters, Susan Teacher Aide  
Whitley, Sheri Teacher Aide  
Williams Lynch, Shannon Teacher Aide  
Zifchock, Joli Teacher  
Employee Name Position  
Aidun, Meredith Teacher Assistant  
Augustine, Jeffrey Teacher  
Battles, Andrew Teacher  
Bor, Dion Teacher  
Capogrossi, Yvonne Secretary  
Conner, Megan Teacher  
Everhart, Danielle Teacher Aide  
Githler, Charles Teacher  
Green, David Teacher  
Grunder, Alison Teacher  
Hayden, Betsy Teacher  
Hutchinson, Karyn Teacher  
Jackson, Nicole Librarian  
Kotaska, Nicole Teacher  
Kozlowski, Liz Teacher  
LeRoux, Misty Teacher  
McCoy-Woods, Jody Teacher  
Mueller, Benjamin Teacher  
Owens, Lori Secretary  
Patchell, Deborah Teacher Aide  
Pawlewicz, Richard Teacher  
Pfarrer, Peter Teacher  
Powell, Sharon Teacher  
Rawn, Amber Teacher Aide  
Ryan, Matthew HS Principal  
Schwoeble, Amy Nurse  
Steinorth, Brandon Teacher  
Talbot, Barb Teacher  
Tibbals, Vicki Teacher  
Troger, Katie Teacher  
Webster, Nicole Teacher  
Wigsten, Matthew Teacher  
Williamson, Kristopher L. Teacher  
Wissar, Enrique Teacher  
Employee Name Position  
Bassi, Steven Teacher  
Birch, Amanda Teacher  
Boyd, Wyatt Teacher Aide  
Boyd, Wyldon Teacher Aide  
Ching, Anita Teacher  
Cragle, Kristy Administrative Assistant  
Edwards, Betsy Teacher  
Graham, Allyssa Teacher  
Gavurnik, Juraj Teacher  
Goodwin, Elizabeth Teacher  
Gray, Rebecca Teacher Aide  
Haas, Heather Teacher  
Hackett, Anthony Teacher  
Hamilton, Lauren R. Teacher  
Hartz, Eric Principal  
Hawke, Lisa Teacher  
Holm, Peter Teacher  
Ketcham, Richard Teacher  
Kozlowski, Jacob M. Teacher  
Markle, Colleen Guidance Counselor  
McMillen, Cassie Teacher Aide  
Moseley, Alissa Teacher Aide  
Mott, Barbara Teacher  
Muenzen, Christine Teacher  
Pflueger, Helen Teacher  
Sawester, Edward Teacher  
Terry, Graham Teacher  
Tonjes, Luke Teacher  
Westmiller, Amy Teacher Aide  
White, Lori Teacher  
Employee Name Position  
Baker, Duane Bus Driver  
Beach, Lois Bus Driver  
Berggren, Amanda Bus Driver  
Brockner, Charles Head Bus Driver  
Clark, Crystal Bus Driver  
Ebel, Tonia Bus Driver  
Emery, Dan Mechanic  
Korbel, Ed Bus Driver  
Jenney, Jackie Bus Driver  
Miner, Ed Bus Driver  
Potter, Mari Bus Driver  
Rumsey, Hugh Bus Driver  
Smith, Jeannette Bus Driver  
Terlouw, Marlena Transportation Asst  
Van Etten, Karen Bus Driver  
Employee Name Position  
Atkinson, Richard (Scott) Cleaner  
Baker, Duane Maintenance  
Bamforth, Taylor Custodian  
Blaasch, Tina Cleaner  
Cirulli, Anthony Custodian  
Crosier, Daniel Cleaner  
Ellers, Will Maintenance  
Horton, Dale Cleaner  
Malane, Ashley Cleaner  
Rawn, Ray Groundskeeper  
Reinard, David Custodian  
Rumsey, Dakota Cleaner  
Rumsey, Jennifer Cleaner  
Sims, Everett Groundskeeper  
Tadder, Chris Cleaner  
Yaple, Steve Facilities/Security Manager  
Employee Name Position  
Blanford, Sheila Food Service Helper  
Frederick, Phaedra Food Service Helper  
Murphy, Renee Food Service Helper  
Peterson, Christina Food Service Helper  
Shubuck, Brenda Food Service Helper  
Stafford, Theresa Cook  
Watros, Pam Cook  
Weeks, Jaimi Food Service Helper  
Wood, Robin Head Cook  





Dr. Cheryl Thomas, Superintendent
District Office
247 Main Street
Newfield, NY 14867

Phone: (607) 564-9955
Fax: (607) 564-0055

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