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Middle School Faculty/Staff

Eric Hartz - Middle School Principal, MS Dignity Act Coordinator  
Colleen Markle - Middle School Counselor
Kristy Cragle - Middle School Secretary

Teams meet daily. Parents are invited to contact the MS Office at (607) 564-9955, ext. 2126, to reach a grade level team or an individual teacher. Mrs. Colleen Markle, our school counselor, is also available if there is a question. If you would like to contact a teacher individually by email, please click on their name below.

We use Blackboard and Edmodo for teacher web interactions.  Each team maintains a Blackboard course that includes daily and weekly assignments and materials.  Please use this as a resource to support your student! 

Team 6
Blackboard Team 6   Username:  ncsdparent6  Password:  parent
Team time:  Monday-Friday 2nd period 8:54-9:37 am
Betsy Edwards - English Language Arts
Juraj Gavurnik - Social Studies 
Peter Holm - Math      
Anita Ching - Science
Lisa Hawke- Special Education
Helen Pflueger - Special Education WEBSITE
Amy Westmiller - Aide

Team 7
Blackboard Team 7  Username:  ncsdparent7  Password:  parent
Team Time:  Monday-Friday 3rd period 9:40-10:23 am
Allyssa Coy - English Language Arts 
Tony Hackett - Math 
Lauren Hamilton - Science
Steve Bassi - Social Studies 
TBD - Special Education 
Cassie McMillen - Aide

Team 8
Team Time:  Monday-Friday 6th period 12:00-12:43 pm
Blackboard Team 8 Username:  ncsdparent8  Password:  parent
8th grade home page

Lori White - English Language Arts
Luke Tonjes - Math      WEBSITE
Elizabeth Goodwin - Science    WEBSITE
Ed Sawester - Social Studies
Amanda Birch - Special Education
Jake Kozlowski - Spanish
Rick Ketcham -Technology
Alissa Moseley - Aide

Barbara Mott - Life and Career Skills
Megan Conner -Gr 6 Art  WEBSITE 
Graham Terry -  Vocal Music   WEBSITE
Ann Marie Thayer - Instrumental Music
Christine Muenzen - Spanish 
Kathy Millier-Speech Pathologist





Dr. Cheryl Thomas, Superintendent
District Office
247 Main Street
Newfield, NY 14867

Phone: (607) 564-9955
Fax: (607) 564-0055

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