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Welcome to Mrs. Millier's

Speech and Language website

I work with students in 3rd grade through High School at Newfield Central School.

We're off to another busy school year in speech and language!! This year's speech and language motto is "Communication takes you everywhere in life!" whether it be listening , speaking, reading or writing!

At the upper level elementary, middle school and High school levels a great deal of the work pertaining to speech and language development is done either within the student's regular  classes or in a pull out, small group basis through development of language skills to more fully access and participate in the Common Core curriculum. Services are more often than not brought to students through a combination of inclusive therapy within the co-taught classroom model .
The broad array of speech and language areas addressed include the following;  articulation( speech sound production) , receptive language ( processing of various length units of language and development of vocabulary concepts)  , expressive language ( syntax and grammar within expressive sentence development, oral defining abilities, higher level semantics and development of metaphorical language), social language thinking/ pragmatics, fluency of speech and voice therapy.

All areas listed above are worked on within the framework of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards to support the student's regular curriculum. With this two-pronged approach, students are better able to develop the necessary communication skills in order to more successfully participate in their regular classes (ex. 4th grade ELA or English 9). 

Finally, numerous language and memory strategies are often taught to aid students in their access to the Common Core Curriculum, as well as mnemonics and study strategies that capitalize on the memory storage and recall of prior learned information.

I, of course, could do none of this without the close collaboration between myself and my wonderful colleagues. Together we work to help our "shared students" develop into effective communicators in both the oral and written realm as well as to create curious life long learners. It has been my pleasure to serve the children and parents of Newfield for over 30 years.

Feel free to view some of the speech and language links beside this home page. They will serve to further explain the various areas of speech and language,speech and language disorders and how students are serviced here at Newfield School.

Don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding your child's speech and language development.

Looking forward to another wonderful year!

Kathy Millier MS SLP CCC

NY License #10076

My office ( Room 103)is down near the lower gymnasium in the elementary building. I am located around the corner from the district office.

I can also be reached at my phone Ext#1103 if you'd like to leave me a voice mail or by clicking here to email me.





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