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Traditional Art


Room 108   

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Course Expectations & Rules:

  1. Listen & follow all directions.  Do your best!
  2. Raise your hand during lessons. 
  3. Respect your teacher and your classmates. Be nice! 
  4. Respect the art room, tools, and materials. 
  5. Clean up all tools & workspaces used, and put away all materials.  Do not use art materials without permission (except green zone items) 
  6. Sign in & out when leaving the classroom or entering late. Do not leave without permission. 
  7. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Do not roughhouse or throw/toss objects. 
  8. No cell phones during class unless directed to use them for a class activity. All electronics devices should be turned off/out of sight when class begins. Failure to comply will result in a referral.
  9. No cursing or offensive language. 
  10. No food or drinks.  

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for work missed when absent. You have 3 days to make up work due to an excused absence.

All students are encouraged to do their best, present their work with pride, and respect the efforts of their peers.     





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