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For the 2016-2017 school year, the administrators, teachers and staff are examining Mindsets. This work is a continuation of our work with Eric Jensen.  Mindsets are very important for change and growth because they are the way people think about something or a situation.  Last year we looked closely at two mindsets:  fixed and growth.  Fixed mindset is believing that intelligence and competency are unchangeable, no matter what efforts, exposure or programs are put in place.  Growth mindsets believe that intelligence and competency develop over time as the brain changes and grows.  Which mindset do you have for the special education students in our district?  Hopefully you have belief and faith in the great work that our teachers are doing for all students at Newfield.  

This year we are looking at four additional mindsets:  the relational mindset, the achievement mindset, the rich classroom climate mindset and the engagement mindset.  As part of our study we are all charged with developing "GUTSY GOALS" for the 2016-2017 school year. Gusty goals are concrete and exciting ways to focus on mastery.  Gusty goals are high expectations which help students achieve at levels that maybe no one thought they could.  They are challenging, complex and bold.

Listed below are my "gusty goals" for the school year. I am hoping that through my growth mindset I can lead, encourage and set an example for all Special Education teachers and staff to take our students to high levels of educational and personal growth.  I will post gusty goals from teachers and staff as they become available.  Newfield is being GUSTY for our Special Education students!!

Cheryl Jackson's Gusty Goals:
1.  Be a personal ally for a minimum of 3 students ( relational mindset)
2.  Call every parent of a student with a disability and have an open conversation about their child, their program, their progress and their thoughts for the future. (relational, engagement,and achievement)
3.  Read and share through professional development a minimum of 2 books related to school, student and teacher improvement  (achievement, rich classroom climate)
4.  Develop and practice a functional and effective procedure for IEP data collection, IEP development and parental and student involvement for all annual and re-evaluation meetings (engagement, relational, and achievement)
5.  Complete a weekly walk through for all teacher and Aides (rich classroom climate)






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