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Advanced Art

All students are encouraged to do their best, present their work with pride, and respect the efforts of their peers.      

Advanced Art

Room 108   

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This non-traditional studio art class is designed for students in grades 10-12 who have successfully completed a Studio Art course and have an interest in further study of art. Advanced Art provides a studio environment for students to develop both technical and cognitive skills, and projects are highly individualized. This course continues to relate the basic elements and principles of art & design through disciplined creative experiences. Through the study of contemporary and historical art, students will develop an understanding of the roles art plays in society and how to relate art to the decision-making processes in daily life. Students will use inquiry, literature, and critical thinking to solve problems using artistic means.

Throughout this course, students are encouraged to use their own interests and personality to create original works of art. Visual literacy, idea development, problem-solving, good craftsmanship, and time management skills are strongly emphasized.

Students are required to keep a sketchbook and maintain a digital portfolio of their artwork. Sketchbooks will be used for practicing skills, idea development, taking notes, and weekly homework sketches. 

Student goals:

  • Develop their skills in communicating visually and verbally through art.
  • Gain confidence in talking about and creating works of art. Learn about themselves through art.
  • Expand their knowledge of artists and art historical trends and periods.

What will we do? 

  • Make art: In this course, you will be introduced to a wide variety of art-making techniques and mediums. Many assignments are tailored to allow you to explore your own interests through your art.
  • Talk about art: We will discuss artwork, current and historic. We will also critique, or talk about, your finished work.
  • Write about art: Writing about your work and the work of others helps you grow as an artist. Writing assignments in this class take the form of “bell ringer” responses, self-reflections, poetry, stories, or an artist statement. Writing is meant to ENHANCE the art making experience and will never be used as “busy work” or punishment.

Supplies Needed:

  • Required: A folder to collect handouts and a #2 pencil, to be brought to class every day.
  • Optional: a smock/apron or old shirt to protect clothing from art materials (classroom has a limited supply of aprons – bring your own to be safe

Course Expectations & Rules:

  1. Listen & follow all directions.  Do your best!
  2. Raise your hand during lessons. 
  3. Respect your teacher and your classmates. Be nice! 
  4. Respect the art room, tools, and materials. 
  5. Clean up all tools & workspaces used, and put away all materials.  Do not use art materials without permission (except green zone items) 
  6. Sign in & out when leaving the classroom or entering late. Do not leave without permission. 
  7. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Do not roughhouse or throw/toss objects. 
  8. No cell phones during class unless directed to use them for a class activity. All electronics devices should be turned off/out of sight when class begins. Failure to comply will result in student’s phone being confiscated for the duration of class.
  9. No cursing or offensive language. 
  10. No food or drinks.  

Grading Policy 

Projects will be graded on craftsmanship, ambition, engagement with assignments, and your overall final product. All projects are due at the end of the marking period. In order for you to complete all projects on time, you will need to work the entire class period. Homework will be given periodically in this class. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework may involve sketching, research, or writing. Be sure to keep all in class assignments and class notes in your sketchbook so you may receive full credit for your work.

40%        DAILY POINTSListening and participation:  
Participation is expected and essential for your success in this class. Students have the opportunity to earn 4 points per day for listening and participation. Points are deducted for failing to listen to rules and instructions, or failing to participate in group or individual activities. Listen for instructions and work bell-to-bell EVERYDAY.                    
10%        PORTFOLIO:
Students will create and maintain a digital portfolio of their work, consisting of project photos, self-reflections, and project assessments. The portfolio will be the primary means of assessing growth in this course.

grading rubric and scale

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for work missed when absent. You have 3 days to make up work due to an excused absence.

Welcome to Advanced Art! I look forward to getting to know each of you and helping you developing your own unique style of art!


Advanced Art Course Outline 2017





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